Guitar LessonsTravis Tad Russell

Guitar LessonsTravis Tad Russell


Gear currently using

My Gear

   Martin CEO7 with LR Baggs Anthem :: Acoustic

   Gibson USA Les Paul Standard :: Electric 

   Ernie Ball Music Man Axis FR :: Electric 

   Taylor 214ce Deluxe :: Acoustic
    Veillette Avante Gryphon :: High Strung 12 String Short Scale

    Gibson USA Midtown Custom Deluxe :: Electric-Semi Hollow

    Planet Waves :: Straps

    Schaller :: Strap Locks

    Peterson :: Strobe Tuners

    George L's Cables (Exclusively) :: Effects Cables

    Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Wah :: Pedals

    Ernie Ball Strings Hybrid and Earthwood Med-Light (Exclusively) :: Strings

    Moonshine Slides :: Slides

    Hitte Custom Touring Cases (Exclusively) :: Touring Cases

    Apogee One and Apogee Quartet :: Digital Recording

    Mackie :: Mixers and Studio Monitors

    Floyd Rose (Modified) :: Tremolos

    Alesis :: Audio Interface

    Prototype Picks (Exclusively) ::

     ACE Performance Pics
     (Anthony Crawford)

    Sennheiser e906 Cab Mic :: Cab Mic

    JHS Morning Glory v4 :: Pedals

    Eventide H9 Max, H9 Core, H9 Core :: Pedals

    Ibanez Tube Screamer 35th Anniversary :: Pedals

    Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply :: Pedals

    JHS Red Remote :: Pedals

    Monster Instrument and Speaker 600 Series :: Cables

    iPad Air 2 (128gb) and iPad Mini 4 (128gb) :: On Stage Controlers

    SaddleBack Leather :: Carry All's

    JHS @ Signature :: Pedals

    Original Fuzz (Nashville) :: Various Straps

    JHS Prestige (Hand painted) :: Pedals

    Orange Cabs with Celestion Vintage 30's :: Cabinets and Speakers

    Shubb Capos Fine Tune (Exclusively) :: Capos

    L.R. Baggs Lyric :: Acoustic Mic/Pickup and Preamp

    Egnater Tweaker 15 (Head) Modified :: Amps

    Walker & Williams :: Handmade Leather Straps

    Takamine NewYorker Parlor :: Acoustic

    Tung-Sol :: Tubes

    Mullard :: Tubes

    Chumleys Pedal Boards (Exclusively) :: Pedal Boards

    MXR Reverb m300 :: Pedals

    Kluson :: Various Parts

    Mono Cases :: Cases and Bags

    PRS SE Tonare T50E :: Acoustic

    Mono Gear Bags :: Gear Bags

    Boss ES-8 Pedal Switcher with Midi :: Pedal Switcher

    Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe Compressor (Exclusively) :: Pedals

    Mission Engineering VM-Pro Volume Pedal (Exclusively) :: Pedals

    Ground Control Audio : Blood Oath :: Pedals

    Weston In Ear Monitors :: UM Pro 50

    Gear Supply Co :: Dynamic Compressor Pedal
IRC 12 gauge power cables
IEM Cables

    One Control A/B :: A/B Pedal

    L.R. Baggs Venue :: D.I. Pedal

    L.R. Baggs Align Session :: Comp/Saturation

    Looptimus Mini :: Midi Pedal

    Polytune Mini2 :: Tuner

    PedalTrain Spark :: Power Supply

    Deering Boston B6 - with Kavanjo Pickup :: Banjo

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